ETN Mobile Mining Reward Minimum Payout Changed

Electroneum mobile mining cryptocurrency is one great ways through which the project $ETN has been able to gain mass adoption. Mining cryptocurrecncies has always been a very challenging and capital intensive attempt, thus not an endeavor anyone can venture into but Electroneum easy app-based mobile mining has made it possible for anyone interested to join the Electronuem blockchain and get rewarded for it.


According to the latest tweet from the official Electroneum (ETN) official Twitter account, the minimum payout has been changed from 10 to 100 ETN. This means that for those who has been mining ETN with their mobile devices will now have to wait till their claiming reward reaches 100 ETN before it can deposited into their wallet unlike before when it was minimum of 10 ETN.

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In order to bring more users on board the mobile mining, they have also submitted the IOS app to Apple to be approved and officially released for IOS users since it is only android users that have been enjoying the mobile ETN mining.

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ETN is number 63 on coinmarket top 100 price chart based on marketcap and trading at $0.007 as at this press release.

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