Hacked Cryptopia Exchange Opens Business For 40 Different Currency Pairs

Cryptopia which was unfortunately shut down due to the hack experienced by the exchange wallet on January 14th, 2019 leading to millions of dollars in crypto assets stolen by hackers. Ever since the hack, there has been several supports given to Cryptopia by the crypto community in order to ensure that the stolen funds did not enter the main market.

Ever since the attack, the exchange has been working with New Zealand police and all relevant agencies to salvage the situation.

However, in one the recent tweets from the official account of the exchange on Twitter, Keycryptohub was able to gather that the exchange is open for business.


Security breach has been one of the major challenges faced by centralized exchanges and this has led to the demand for decentralized exchanges where users can trade their crypto assets while retaining total control over their private keys.

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Many users of the exchange are still waiting for more information from the exchange as there still many works to be done for the exchange to recover its positions as one of the top crypto centralized exchange.

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It is sincerely hoped that Cryptopia has learnt its lesson and tighten the knot on its security to as to avoid a future occurrence and loss of trust from its users.

Have you been able to recover or trade all our funds on Cryptopia? Kindly share in the comment section below.

1 thought on “Hacked Cryptopia Exchange Opens Business For 40 Different Currency Pairs

  1. Thanks for the update on this… Cryptopia as really done a great job not to be a forgotten exchange just like that.

    Keycryptohub you are amazing.

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