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The world of cryptocurrency keeps growing with more interests growing daily in relation to how to make money while ensuring that one does not lose hard-earned money invested in crypto as there has been series of scams and exchange hacks. This particular problem among others have led to more research into learning about  secure, fast and reliable blockchains that can guarantee trust and ability to give the crypto community peace of mind that it can handle transactions effectively.

Bitcoin blockchain which is based on a Proof of Work consensus whereby miners are rewarded for confirming, verifying and keeping logs of transactions sometimes experiences network congestion to the extent it can take hours for transactions to be confirmed which can cause loss if the markets goes down.

Minter is a DPoS ( Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain that has Bip coin as its base coin just like the way Ether is to the Ethereum blockchain.

Imagine a blockchain that would allow you to create your own coin and transfer it or exchange it for all of the other coins issued in the network- as well as Bitcoin, Ether, and USD- in an instant, limitless manner. Imagine the next-generation cryptocurrencies.

Minter is a blockchain that operates a DPoS algorithm that allows easy minting of coins and easy exchange for top coins like Btc, Eth and USD in the future within and outside the blockchain.  The network boasts of thousands of transactions per second with no delays or additional confirmations.

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Minter network seems ideal for those who want to create their own coin and set its price as transaction fee within the network is below $0.01 which is very small compared to other blockchains fees out there.

In every blockchain, there is always a reward mechanism that must keep the system running smoothly and effectively and Minter operates a mechanism that involves Validators and Delegators.


A validator is a member of the Minter’s network that maintains the network, that ensures transactions are verified and new locks are created.  The blocks reward and transaction fees go to them as they also maintain balances of people that are part of their pool.

Delegators are Bip holders who have decided to entrust a certain amount of their coin to validators to verify transactions while they get rewards in return. It is not surprising to see that Minter have already processed more than 700,000 blocks of transactions on its network as at press release and there are sanctions for validators that violates agreement.   

With the availability of the Minter Explorer Bip wallet on web, Android and iOS platforms, delegators, validators and minters can easily follow up on all transactions conducted within the system.                                                                                                                            

Minter will integrate with Telegram Open Network to ensure easy transfer of coins TON and many great features coming to the Minter community.

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  1. Minter is the most fastest network have ever seen in transaction forever loving minter network its the best of the best .

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