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What is Oryx Token? The Next Big Hit for Blockchain E-Commerce

Every blockchain based project set out to solve or introduce a new concept always ensure to have a tokenized structure for users, traders and investors of such project. Aside raising funds to execute project novel ideas, another great use for a tokenized economy is to ensure a reward based structure that keeps development actives as well as users incentivized.


Oryx token is a token of the Oryx Decentralized E-Market set to change the e-market structure in Middle East with the plan of connecting the crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto users in the simplest yet amazing decentralized system to the global stage while bridging the gap between off-chain and on-chain businesses.

Using a structure and tokenized organization, the Oryx token is intended to be used for real world applications covering gaming, exchange system, store, crypto platform and other internet services with the key vision of pushing a decentralized e-commerce to the world at large.


Aiming to provide a platform based on blockchain where people can work, grow, transact and do everything related to e-commerce electronically on a fast pace is one of the innovative idea set to be seen within the crypto community despite the tons of remarkable crypto projects out there but Oryx seems to be ready to put this into real-world usage.

With Oryx Oyaaa (still in beta stage) – a new generation social network platform intended for crypto traders, investors, communities and enthusiasts to freely communicate ideas in the true spirit of blockchain is something to watch out for.

To learn more about Oryx, visit: Oryx

Disclaimer: This is an article intended for educational purpose only and should not be seen as a financial advice. Please note that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and adequate research should be done before investing.

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